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New project of Alcaplast is already taking shape in the Șura Mică industrial park in Sibiu, Romania - hall with an area of 1,500 m2 on a plot of 5,600 m2.


  • Waste with top cleaning – new construction solution for easier Trap cleaning Marble Low
  • Angle valves – offer expansion, whole sortiment now in chrome, bronze-antic, black-matt & white-matt
  • Innovation for easier and faster installation of plastic linear shower drains

Let us introduce you our product novelties for 2020.

In the category of stainless steel shower drains you will find the new APZ15 Marble without visible edge including a grid for inserting marbles, especially suitable for large-format natural stone slabs that literally blend in with tiles, or the popular shower drain APZ23 Fit and Go in a new design to the wall.



  • Shower drain without edge with grid for embedding tiles APZ15 Marble & APZ115 Marble Low
  • Stainless steel shower drain with fixed vertical flange to the wall and two-sided grid APZ23-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go Wall
  • Pre-wall installation systems for woodenconstruction houses AM101/1120W, AM101/850W & AM112W
  • Flush plate FUN-BRASS for pre-wall installation systems
  • Flush plates THIN in white-matt finish
  • Program white-polished


The Czech Heating and Plumbers Guild annually awards the Annual Heating and Plumbing Prize. In the „Plumber category“ the prize went to Alcaplast for significant deeds in the field of heating-plumbing in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The fifteenth year of the „TOP CZECH WOMEN 2019“ took place on January 20, 2020 in the first class premises Prague Karlín Forum.

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