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The Czech Heating and Plumbers Guild annually awards the Annual Heating and Plumbing Prize. In the „Plumber category“ the prize went to Alcaplast for significant deeds in the field of heating-plumbing in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The award ceremony of the gold medal took place on 26 February 2020 at Brno Exhibition Center on the occasion of the opening of the Building Construction Trade Fairs Brno 2020. The award was personally received by co-owner of the company Radka Prokopová from the President of the Guild Bohuslav Hamrozi.

“I very much appreciate this award from an organization that brings together Czech heating engineers and plumbers. This is a proof for us that the Czech manufacturer has its place on the Czech market and is able to compete successfully with foreign brands. Our long-term goal is to be the number one in the choice of a Czech plumber, ”commented Radka Prokopová company‘s success.

The Guild of Plumbers and Heating Engineers of the Czech Republic is a professional association, associating both individual craftsmen and companies in the field. The guild's main mission is to create conditions for its members to deepen professional and human standards, professional honor and traditions. Furthermore, to contribute to the improvement of customer relations and to support the business success of its members in the field of heating, plumbing and other related professions focused on production, design, trade in the field, assembly, operation and service.