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Air Light

Flush plate for pre–wall installation systems – illuminated, alunox–matt


For pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns


Another way to perceptually enrich your bathroom area is the illuminated fl ush plate. When using the AIR fl ush plate in combination with our lighting system ALCA Light you can achieve a nice soft light source in the chosen shade. This casual lighting of your bathroom will  assist during orientation in your house or apartment, especially when you do not want to disturb your loved ones by turning the main light on. The back light is available in four colors, or in a rainbow variant (AIR LIGHT R), which gradually switches to all the colors of the spectrum.


Color Code
White Air Light
Blue Air Light
Green Air Light
 Red Air Light
Rainbow Air Light R
Product codeEANTechnical
AIR LIGHT8595580524081Technický list
AIR LIGHT R8595580524111Technický list

Customs code


Technical parameters

Operating force
< 20 N
Output voltage
12 V DC


Flush plate with a subdued light source sufficient to illuminate the WC space or bathroom at night
Four colours reconfigurable according to the wiring diagram – white, blue, green, red
Necessary to solve separately the switching of the lighting
Powered by the main electric supply, the power source must be purchased (12 V DC min 1 A) – recommended AEZ310
Double-acting mechanical flushing
Compatible with all Alcaplast pre-wall installation systems and cisterns for building into solid walls
Maintenance with common detergents used in the household for plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories
Resistant to UV rays and external influences
Precise workmanship with laser technology
Surface finish: alunox-mat, Anti-fingerprint with surface treatment that eliminates fingerprint smudges
Material: anodized aluminum

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
10 pcs
Quantity – Palett
160 pcs
Dimensions – piece
315×210×120 mm
Dimensions – packing
595×395×435 mm
1,4556 kg
Weight – packing
14,56 kg
Weight– Palett
252,9 kg

Scope of supply

Flush plate
Fixing frame of the flush plate
Threaded frame clamp 2 pcs
Adapter kit for the control mechanism of the flush valve
Integrated white LED back-lit of flush plates
Connecting cable in a protective tube, length 5 m
Cable terminals