Air Light

Flush plate for pre-wall installation system, illuminated/metal-matt


Packaging – outer box 10 pcs
Size – outer box 595×395×245 mm
Weight – outer box (AIR LIGHT)
18,09 kg
Weight – outer box (AIR LIGHT R) 19,87 kg
Material Alunox

Another way to perceptually enrich your bathroom area is the illuminated fl ush plate. When using the AIR fl ush plate in combination with our lighting system ALCA Light you can achieve a nice soft light source in the chosen shade. This casual lighting of your bathroom will  assist during orientation in your house or apartment, especially when you do not want to disturb your loved ones by turning the main light on. The back light is available in four colors, or in a rainbow variant (AIR LIGHT R), which gradually switches to all the colors of the spectrum.


Color Code
White Air Light
Blue Air Light
Green Air Light
 Red Air Light
Rainbow Air Light R


Spare parts