Product details

Technical parameters

Load class K3300 kg


  • For drainage of balconies and terraces
  • For permeable areas in the garden
  • For drainage around the building facades
  • To protect buildings against the ingress of water


  • Simple installation
  • Easy access to the drain – easy to clean
  • Height adjustable drainage channel body 60–80 mm
  • Simple connection thanks to the accessories
  • Fixing bolts – ensure perfect attachment of the grid in the channel and eliminate the sound effect during the use of the channel
  • Galvanized steel grid width 100 mm
  • Material of drainage channel: galvanized steel
  • 73269098
Quantity (package) 1 pc
Quantity (pallet) 100 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 110×1000×60 mm
Dimensions (package) 110×60×1000 mm
Weight (piece) 3,025 kg
Weight (package) 3,025 kg
Weight (pallet) 322,5 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Drainage channel adjustable
  • Spacer 2 pcs
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