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Outdoor slotted channel with symmetrical access cover 160 mm, galvanized steel


For drainage of professional parking areas for passenger cars, pedestrian zones, side bands on roads and adjacent sidewalks
For cleaning and maintenance of outdoor drain channels

Outdoor drains with slot grids are intended mainly for architects working on projects that stress the visual side in addition to a high quality drainage system. It is ideal for pedestrian zones, squares, sports fields, gardens, residential buildings and courtyards. Meets the load requirement for C250.

The grid design is offered as symmetrical or asymmetrical (suitable for use around building walls or curbs). According to the construction height of the selected type of surface of the outdoor area we have the choice of two height variants 100 mm or 160 mm. All the grids are made of galvanised steel or stainless steel.

The offer also includes a half meter service part that can be easily removed in order to perform routine maintenance of the outdoor drain. Slot grids are also made to order.

Height variants
Asymmetrical grid
Symmetrical grid
Product codeEANTechnical
AVZ101S-R124R8595580547394Technický list



Technical parameters

Load class C250
25000 kg


Modular system – optional connection to form "I", "L", "T" or "X" shapes
Lock system allows easy connecting without additional fixing elements
Sophisticated and solid locking mechanism for simple connection of the individual drains
Prepared slots for using the locking bars to anchor the drain in concrete
Access cover – easy removal for routine maintenance of the drain
Robust construction – self-supporting
Numerous ribbing for a firm fixation within surrounding material
Material with UV stabilizer against aging, fading and degradation of plastic
Material of drain channel: polypropylene filled with talc resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal damage
Material of access cover: galvanized steel

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
1 pcs
Quantity – Palett
30 pcs
Dimensions – piece
1015×313×139 mm
Dimensions – packing
8,9286 kg
Weight – packing
8,9286 kg
Weight– Palett
287,858 kg

Scope of supply

Drain channel body
Galvanized symmetrical slotted access cover

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