Flush plate Antivandal with sensor for pre-wall installation systems, metal (DC battery operated)


Can not be used for pre-installation systems Slim
For touchless flushing with a sensor
For use in public buildings - Antivandal
For pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns


EN 55014, EN 55022, EN 61000

Technical parameters

Electric Power
6 V
Operating force
< 20 N
Power consumption
8,5 W


Locking screws are hidden inside of the flush plate
Magnetic switch for service setting and cleaning
Massive construction from stainless steel
Material: stainless steel
Option to use the button for a large flush
Battery power source is included, the option to buy our standard source (AEZ340) or a hybrid charger
Setting via mini USB using free software available on the Alcaplast website
Adjustable parameters: start and end time of registration, duration of flushing, automatic flush, allowing flooding, flooding time, variable settings hygienic rinse
Highly resistant to mechanical damage