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Floor drain 105×105/50/75 mm straight outlet, stainless steel grid, stainless steel flange and collar-2nd level insulation, wet and dry odour trap


For the interior, where will be frequent use associated with the regular water runoff into the floor drain (bathrooms) – wet odour trap
For outdoor spaces where there may be a drop in temperature below freezing – dry odour trap
For drainage of floor level showers
For wheelchair access
Product codeEANTechnical
APV43448595580518530Technický list


EN 1253

Customs code


Technical parameters

The flow of the inlet grid (wet odour trap)
46 l/min
The flow of the inlet grid (dry odour trap)
62 l/min
Wet odour trap
51 mm
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure
470 Pa
Load class K3
300 kg
Waste pipe diameter
75/50 mm
Total installation height
159 – 229 mm


Stainless steel grid 102×102×5 mm
Height adjustable throat 25–95 mm
Wide insulation collar for connection to waterproofing construction
Collar-2nd level of insulation for connecting to waterproofing layer beneath the pavement
Stainless steel collar for firm attachment of waterproofing membrane or building waterproofing fabric
Direct connection to waste Ø50/75 mm
Mechanically cleanable trap up to the waste pipe
Optional use dry or wet odour traps
Odour traps prevent the penetration of odours from the sewer
Compatibility with floor drains parts including wet, dry and combined odour trap SMART
Material: polypropylene resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal damage

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
8 pcs
Quantity – Palett
160 pcs
Dimensions – piece
230×190×230 mm
Dimensions – packing
780×245×475 mm
1,1691 kg
Weight – packing
9,484 kg
Weight– Palett
209,76 kg

Scope of supply

Drain body Ø50/75 mm, straight outlet
Floor drain throat 105×105 mm
Stainless steel grid
Wet odour trap
Dry odour trap
Stainless steel flange + assembly set
Collar-2nd level of insulation inner Ø105 mm
Seal kit