Shower drain with an edge for perforated grids, straight outlet


Barrier free access
For wooden and prefabricated buildings
For drainage of floor level showers
It can therefore be placed in open spaces or near the wall of the shower area.
For perforated stainless steel grids
For indoor use


High flow rate (up to 68 l / min)
100% easy clean trap
Low height installation
Complete technical and design solutions
Complete package including all accessories
25 year warranty


17240, EN 1253

Technical parameters

Total installation height
100 – 158 mm
Minimum thickness of concrete
85 mm
Resistance of odour trap against pressure
590 Pa
Outlet pipe diameter (D)
50 mm
60 – 68,8 l/min
Load class – K3
300 kg
Odour trap
50 mm


The collar and trap are protected by foil, and the channel itself by a polystyrene insert.
Trap material: Polypropylene
Material of drainage channel: stainless steel AISI 304, DIN 1.4301
Completely cleanable trap up to the waste pipe
Option to buy a combined odour trap
Linear drains from stainless steel (hardened by pickling, passivation and electrochemical polishing)
Self-adhesive tape for quality waterproofing
The trap is firmly connected to the drain channel - 100% waterproofing
Installation height from 85 mm
Adjustable height
The high flowrate achieved is due to the double compartment trap system.
25 years warranty

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