APZ106 Professional Low

Shower drain with an edge for full grids


For wheelchair access
For sites with limited floor height
For drainage of floor-level showers
For installation into open spaces or near the wall of the shower area.
For indoor use


EN 1253

Technical parameters

Total installation height
80 – 106 mm
Minimum thickness of concrete
65 mm
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure
575 Pa
Waste pipe diameter
40 mm
Flow rate
32 l/min
Load class K3
300 kg
Odour trap
28 mm


The collar and trap are protected by foil, and the channel itself by a polystyrene insert
Trap material: polypropylene
Material of drainage channel: stainless steel AISI 304, DIN 1.4301
Mechanically cleanable trap up to the waste pipe
Linear drain from stainless steel (hardened by pickling, passivation and electrochemical polishing)
For inserting full grids - stainless steel, tempered glass, synthetic stone, grid for embedding tiles and prismatic grid
Self-adhesive tape for quality waterproofing
The trap is firmly connected to the drain body - 100% waterproofing
Installation height from 65 mm
Adjustable height
The high flow rate is achieved due to the double compartment trap system.
25 years warranty

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