Product details

Technical parameters

Airflow at 250 Pa1,45 l/s


  • Air admittance to the waste pipe


  • Ø40 mm
  • It prevents the penetration of odour from the waste pipe
  • Allows air to be sucked into the waste pipe if vacuum occurs in the system
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Norms

    EN 12380
  • 39174000
Quantity (package) 75 pcs
Quantity (pallet) 2100 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 85×50×50 mm
Dimensions (package) 790×390×390 mm
Weight (piece) 0,0425 kg
Weight (package) 12,769 kg
Weight (pallet) 224,304 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Head
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