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Wall concealed WC cistern



For walling in and around – wet process
For installing the stand-alone WC or a WC that is firmly embedded in the floor
For installation into wooden constructions
Product codeEANTechnical
AM112W8595580564063Technický list


EN 14124, EN 14055

Customs code


Technical parameters

Water connection
G1/2 "
Functional range of water pressure
0,05 – 0,8 MPa
Recommended range of water pressure
0,3 – 0,5 MPa
Big flush
3,5 – 6,5 l
Small flush
2 – 4 l
The default setting of large flush
4 l
The default setting of small flush
2 l
Hygienic reserve
3 l
Water volume in the cistern
9 l


Angle valve with the ability to connect to the Mepla piping system
The construction of the polystyrene insulation simplifies the process of walling-in, prevents condensation forming on the surface of the tank and dampens the vibrations from the tank into the building structure
Dual flush independently adjustable with hygienic reserve
Suitable for installation of remote or sensor flushing
Compatible with all ALCA flush plates
The cistern is made of one piece, thus ensuring 100% impermeability
Water supply from rear / top / side / inside cistern
Maintenance work without using any tools
The service opening cover simplifies assembly and prevents the penetration of moisture and impurities
Mounting height 1062 mm
Installation depth adjustable from 20–95 mm
Installation depth 125 mm
Material: polypropylene

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
1 pcs
Quantity – Palett
20 pcs
Dimensions – piece
1050×480×140 mm
Dimensions – packing
1050×480×140 mm
4,8454 kg
Weight – packing
4,8454 kg
Weight– Palett
116,908 kg

Scope of supply

Cistern with fill and flush valve
Fittings 1/2" water connection with the integrated angle valve Schell 1/2–3/8"
Fixation set: screw Ø5×40 – 5 pcs, dowel Ø8 – 5 pcs
Connection set Ø40 for connection to the toilet bowl from the water supply tank
End-caps set for protecting the connecting holes during installation of the system
The 2 piece cover of the service opening is simply adjustable
Telescopic mounting brackets 2 pcs
Perforated strap for attaching the cistern
Water supply sealing
Holder + holder lock
Wrapping seal