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Automatic flushing system for urinal, chrome, 12 V (AC power supply)


For automatic flushing of urinals
For mounting frame A107S
For installing into the urinal mounting elements
For installation in plasterboard structures as well as walling-in
Product codeEANTechnical
ASP48595580554897Technický list


EN 55014, EN 55022, EN 61000

Customs code


Technical parameters

Sensor power supply:
5 – 12 V DC
Consumption (idle at the lowest scanning speed)
0,3 mA
Output max.
800 mA
Sensing distance:
0,15 – 1,5 m
Wavelength equipment
950 nm
Optimal operating pressure
0,1 – 0,5 MPa
Maximum pressure
0,8 MPa
Time adjustment of valve opening
1 – 30 s
G½ "
Power consumption
8,5 W


Powered by the main electric supply, the power source must be purchased (12 V DC min 1 A) – recommended AEZ310
The removable cover plate – a combination of stainless steel/chrome–plated plastic
Setting via mini USB using free software available on the Alcaplast website
Adjustable parameters: start and end time of registration, duration of flushing, automatic flush, allowing flooding, flooding time, variable settings hygienic rinse
Saving water using an adjustable flushing time
Material: stainless steel, chrome plated plastic

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
16 pcs
Quantity – Palett
256 pcs
Dimensions – piece
175×137×160 mm
Dimensions – packing
595×435×395 mm
1,6724 kg
Weight – packing
26,8 kg
Weight– Palett
448,2 kg

Scope of supply

Sensor box made of stainless steel
Screw set with valve
Plastic chromed cover frame
Tile template
Suction pad for removing the cover plate
Waterproof power connector
Infrared sensor adjustable via a USB port
Fixing material for attaching the covering frame: screw 3.5×32 – 4 pcs
Fixation set for attaching the box on the frame: screw 3.5×16 – 4 pcs
Screw fitting G1/2“

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