Automatic WC flushing system, 6V (battery operated)


For automatic flushing of WC
For mounting frame A114S
For installation in plasterboard structures as well as walling-in


EN 55014, EN 55022, EN 61000

Technical parameters

Valve opening time adjustment
1 – 30 s
Maximum pressure
0,8 MPa
Sensor power supply:
5 – 12 V DC
Consumption (idle at the lowest scanning speed)
0,3 mA
Optimal operating pressure
0,1 – 0,5 MPa
G1 "
Wavelength equipment
950 nm
Output max.
800 mA
Sensing distance:
0,15 – 1,5 m


Pulse valve control
Material: stainless steel, chrome plated plastic
Battery power supply 6V
Setting via mini USB using free software available on the Alcaplast website
Adjustable parameters: start and end time of registration, duration of flushing, automatic flush, allowing flooding, flooding time, variable settings hygienic rinse
The removable cover plate - a combination of stainless steel / chrome plated plastic
Saving water using an adjustable flushing time

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