Low installation height

Low installation height:

55 mm for drains with an outlet pipe diameter of 40 mm (suitable for renovations).

85 mm for drains with an outlet pipe diameter of 50 mm (suitable for new buildings).

25 Year

Material used:

Stainless Steel DIN 1.4301 (EN 17240).

Treatments of materials employed:

Pickling and passivation, electrochemical polishing.

Protection against dirt during installation:

The collar and trap are protected by foil, and the channel itself by a styrofoam insert.

Vysoký průtok vody
(až 68 l/min)

Maximum water fl ow rate:

68 l/min for drains with an outlet pipe diameter of 50 mm.

44 l/min for drains with an outlet pipe diameter of 40 mm.

Two traps in one: The high fl ow rate achieved by the double compartment trap system.

Standard: EN 1253

Completely cleanable trap

Used material:polypropylene

Construction: 2 outlet compartments, 2 removable inlet parts and 2 protective grid traps.

Cleanability: The protective grid trap will catch most of the dirt, but by removing it and the inlet part you can clean the drain all the way to the waste pipe!

Combined dry odour trap

Optional accessories for stainless steel shower drains with double compartment trap system

For areas such as recreation facilities, utility rooms and premises with seasonal use the associated possibility of drying out of the water trap can be eliminated by installation of a combined dry odour trap.

  • Flow rate of 68 l/min
  • Compatible with stainless steel linear drains APZ1, APZ4, APZ5, APZ6, APZ16, APZ1016, APZ11, APZ1001, APZ1011, APZ1004, APZ1006, ARZ1
  • Set of 2 pieces for 1 linear shower drain
  • Possible to replace the built-in linear shower drain

If there is no water fl ow through the waste, the fl aps remain closed and even when the water seal dries out they still prevent odours rising from the sewer.

In normal use the fl aps open and close to allow the water to drain out.

Complete package includes all accessories

Complete package includes all accessories:

  • Shower drain pre-assembled with a trap
  • Installation set (bolts, plugs)
  • Waterproofi ng tape
  • Protective foil covering for the collar and inlet pipe, and protective insert for drainage channel

Tailor made solutions available

Length range: 300–2,200 mm for a single section. Lengths greater than 2,200 mm can be achieved by connecting sections as required.

Height variants: Diff erent edge heights and depths of the drainage channel can be supplied on request.

Odour trap: Can be positioned wherever the customer wishes. Depending on the water fl ow, more than one trap can be used in a single drain.

Material:Standard stainless steel DIN 1.4301, EN 17240. For aggressive environments (swimming pools) stainless steel DIN 1.4404, EN 17349.


Grid maintenance

To maintain a perfect look, clean the system at least once a month. Do not use sharp objects or abrasives for cleaning as that can damage the surface of the grid.

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  3. foundation slab
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