• Unification of the bath waste and trap designs
  • Temporarily unavailable bath wastes and traps A55K, A55KM, A550K and A550KM


The prestigious international construction trade fair The Big 5 that will be also attended by our company Alcaplast, opens to the merchants and professionals in less than two months! The 37th annual trade fair in the period from 26 to 29 of November 2017 will host Dubai, the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.


We have prepared a new INFO. Plastic shower drains with stainless steel edge, stainless steel floor drains, drainage corner channels and more news here.


More than half a kilometer. So long outdoor stainless steel drainage system with composite grids was needed for the floor drainage in the parking house C at Václav Havel Airport in Prague. The drivers can already use the sixth floor in the parking house.


Alcaplast became the first Czech Leader of the Prague region on June 7, 2017. In the Czech Leader Award, whose main idea is the support of purely Czech companies with the Czech capital, we have succeeded among 263 other companies.


The Theater Hall of the Prague club Lávka hosted on May 18, 2017 the final ceremony of the twelfth year of the survey Marketer of the year 2016. Alcaplast's executive director, Radka Prokopová, has won the „Small dolphin“ award for a comprehensive approach to the marketing strategy for the launch of new products to the market.