More than half a kilometer. So long outdoor stainless steel drainage system with composite grids was needed for the floor drainage in the parking house C at Václav Havel Airport in Prague. The drivers can already use the sixth floor in the parking house.

"For the drainage of the floor we used the stainless steel box drainage channels with an internal width of 100 millimeters and with an outlet DN100. The drain bodies include the flange joints with seals that ensure watertightness of individual channels," said Alcaplast project manager Marek Zelenka. "The proposed type was defined together with the contractor of the Beroun Building and Industrial Buildings and Atelier P.H.A. because of the limited construction height. The maximal height could be only 63 millimeters, "Zelenka said, adding that this stainless steel drainage meets the quality class V4A 1.4404 (ASI316L) and is designed for the load class C250. And why was chosen this type of drainage to serve on Vaclav Havel Airport? "Stainless steel drainage is the ideal solution for the frequently used places and for those where more moisture is concentrated. Which is obviously common in the parking house, "explained the project manager.