Tours of manufacturing halls, introduction of a brand new video about the company in Alcaplast Academy and an evening program in Obelisk Winery in Valtice. The event was organized for the business partners and friends at the end of May by the Alcaplast team headed by the owners Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovič. There was a good reason to celebrate. The family business, that is the market leader in sanitary systems in the Czech and Slovak Republics, was founded exactly twenty years ago.

"The event “Alcaplast 20 years” was also considered as a thanks to our partners, clients, vendors and employees that have significantly contributed to the growth and development of our company," said CEO Fabičovic.

Several day celebration culminated in a party with a varied musical accompaniment on the terrace of the Obelisk Winery, which he founded together with his wife Radka. As a symbol of interconnection of two dissimilar sectors - viticulture and sanitary systems - sommelier Libor Nazarčuk cut off the neck of a champagne bottle by the edge of the stainless steel drain made by Alcaplast.