The year 2018 is a year of celebration for Alcaplast, the Czech family business. Exactly twenty years ago, in 1998, the husband and wife Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic started to produce the fill and flush valves. Currently Alcaplast with its wide range of products fits into the role of market leader indicating trends on the field of sanitary systems in Central and Eastern Europe, with expansion into many other countries.

Touch-free flush plates NIGHT LIGHT won the prestigious iF Design Award 2018 in the category of Product section Bathrooms. The jury appreciated not only by their excellent world design, but also environmental friendliness, functionality and renewability.

In 2017 Alcaplast started operating in the most advanced and largest Production Hall C. It spreads over 20,000 square meters and increases the capacity of Alcaplast's production facilities by thirty percent.

Executive Director Radka Prokopová together with General Director František Fabičovic took over the prestigious award „Czech 100 Best Companies“, that confirms the exceptional position of Alcaplast in the economic system of the Czech Republic.

Victory of our Executive Director Radka Prokopová in the most prestigious managerial competition in the Czech Republic by winning the award and title of “Manager of the Year 2015” for the implementation of modern methods of corporate management.

Alcaplast s.r.o. has opened, in Břeclav, its fourth manufacturing hall.

The company ALCAPLAST won a prestigious product-design competition Red Dot Award 2014. A Significant award has the company received for the collection of flush plates FLAT in the category Product Design 2014.

A ceremony handing over of gold medals from IBF, SHK Brno and ELEKTRO 2010 at the International Building Fair in Brno, the company Alca plast LLC was awarded with the annual prize of heating engineers and plumbers CZ for year 2010 in the field of sanitary ware and shower drains ALCA. The award is given to companies for significant actions in the field of heating and plumbing, in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Starting sales of stainless steel linear shower drains ALCA based on its own patent. The opening ceremony of the training center.

No one can imagine a modern bathroom without a wall hung toilet and so Alcaplast company also responded to the market demand. Pre-wall installation WC systems from this traditional Czech brand are allowing to have an wall hung toilet not even in new buildings but also in the conditions of a panel apartment! Among the latest products of Alcaplast we can include bath wastes with filling, floor drains and accessories.

Alcaplast wins the gold medal for the dual-button flush valve A04 at the International Building Fair SHK Brno.

Starting sales of standard product lines such as: shower wastes, toilet seats and bathtub wastes.

The production program consists of only two products - inlet and outlet valve. Later expanding the production also to wash basin traps.

Establishing a company Alcaplast as a limited liability company (LLC).