Industrial box drain with a slope stainless steel AISI 316L


To drain large amount of water, suitable also for long distances
For drainage of large industrial facilities, and other commercial facilities inside buildings, eg. in the chemical and food industries


EN 1253-1

Technical parameters

Load class L15
1500 kg


Insulating collar suitable for connecting to standard waterproofing
Industrial box drain of stainless steel (heat treated materials by pickling and passivation, electrochemical polishing), this process guarantees that a stainless steel even after several years and keeps its properties for reliable operation
Drain body material: stainless steel 1.5 mm, DIN 1.4404
Strong anchoring in concrete with simply adjustable legs and side anchors
Used sealing ensures a completely watertight joint
The width for inserting the grid 240 mm
Easy cleaning and maintenance
High flow rate