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Flush plate Antivandal with sensor for pre-wall installation systems, metal (DC battery operated)


For pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns
For use in public buildings – Antivandal
For touchless flushing with a sensor
Can not be used for pre-wall installation systems Slim
Product codeEANTechnical
M279SB8595580530785Technický list


EN 55014, EN 55022, EN 61000

Customs code


Technical parameters

Operating force
< 20 N
Electric power
6 V
Power consumption
8,5 W


Massive construction from stainless steel
Highly resistant to mechanical damage
Locking screws are hidden inside of the flush plate
Battery power is included in packaging
Setting via mini USB using free software available on the Alcaplast website
Adjustable parameters: start and end time of registration, duration of flushing, automatic flush, allowing flooding, flooding time, variable settings hygienic rinse
Magnetic switch for service setting and cleaning
Option to use the button for a large flush
Material: stainless steel

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
10 pcs
Quantity – Palett
160 pcs
Dimensions – piece
315×210×120 mm
Dimensions – packing
595×395×435 mm
2,6892 kg
Weight – packing
26,892 kg
Weight– Palett
450,272 kg

Scope of supply

Flush plate
Infrared sensor
Screw set with a solenoid valve
Flush valve for sensor flushing
Case for alc. batteries 6V
Connector for attaching to the battery
Fixing frame of the flush plate
Threaded frame clamp 2 pcs
Fixing material for attaching the covering frame: screw M4×10 – 2 pcs