Bath waste and trap for whirlpool bathtubs with overflow filler, metal


For filling the bath by overflow
To drain the water from the bath to the waste
For whirlpool baths
For bathtubs with drain outlet Ø52 mm
Product codeEANTechnical
A566-273133-578595580536251Technický list
A566-273133-808595580541156Technický list
A566-273133-1008595580541163Technický list
A566-273133-1208595580541170Technický list


EN 274

Customs code


Technical parameters

Odour trap
50 mm
Flow rate
48,6 l/min
Overflow flow rate
33,6 l/min
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure
588 Pa
Thermal resistance
95 ˚C


A part of the bath waste and trap is a mechanism, that when you open the drain outlet concurrently the valves open, so that can easily drain the residual water from the whirlpool bathtub
Compatible with most whirlpool and pearl systems
For connection serve two outlets - standard elbow
Aerator Neoperl - easy access and exchange
Control shaft made of stainless steel
Water does not flow down on the side of the bathtub and does not leave marks
Space-saving design in the bathtub - visible only control knob
Wet odour trap with swivel elbow
Closing waste by pop-up mechanism
Overflow flexi pipe
Side G1/2" fitting for filling of pre-mixed water