Product details

Technical parameters

Odour trap30 mm
Flow rate37,2 l/min
Thermal resistance95 ˚C


  • To drain the water from the shower trays
  • For shower trays with a drain outlet Ø90 mm
  • For shower trays without overflow
  • For thick-walled shower trays


  • Self-cleaning design of trap
  • Fully cleanable up to the waste pipe
  • Reduced installation height 68 mm
  • Direct connection to HT (after cutting)
  • Material: polypropylene, thermally and chemically resistant, longitudinally welded
  • Norms

    EN 274
  • 39229000
Quantity (package) 15 pcs
Quantity (pallet) 420 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 590×390×240 mm
Dimensions (package) 210×120×100 mm
Weight (piece) 0,3485 kg
Weight (package) 5,2275 kg
Weight (pallet) 166,37 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Waste and trap body
  • Screws 3 pcs
  • Elbow for connection to waste
  • Assembly kit