Outdoor drain channel 100 mm with metal frame and a cast iron grid D400


For drainage of parking lots and similar areas, lane roads and other roads
Product codeEANTechnical
AVZ103-R2018595580511456Technický list



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Technical parameters

Load class D400
40000 kg
Flow profile of the drain
448,3 cm2
Inlet cross-section of the cast iron grid
95,3 cm2


Modular system - optional connection to form "I", "L", "T" or "X" shapes
Lock system allows easy connecting without additional fixing elements
Sophisticated and solid locking mechanism for simple connection of the individual drains
The drain can be simply cut in half to form two equal parts
Prepared slots for using the locking bars to anchor the drain in concrete
Cast iron grid - fixed to the drain with eight pieces of stainless steel screws, inlet slit width 11.6 mm
Water connection from the side of the drain is possible at four locations - Ø50 mm
Bottom outlet waste connection Ø110 mm
The cover of the side opening can also be used as an inlet connector - Ø75 mm
Robust construction – self-supporting
Ready for optional use of the odour trap with a grid for collection of the dirt
Metal vertical flange reinforces the drain edges
Numerous ribbing for a firm fixation within surrounding material
Easy access to the drainage channel - simple cleaning
Material with UV stabilizer against aging, fading and degradation of plastic
Material: polypropylene filled with talc resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal damage