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Bath CLICK/CLACK waste and trap with flat overflow, chrome


To drain the water from the bath to the waste
For standard size bathtubs
For bathtubs with drain outlet Ø52 mm
For design thin-walled freestanding bathtubs
Product codeEANTechnical
A516CKM8595580561826Technický list
A516CKM-808595580561888Technický list
A516CKM-1008595580561864Technický list
A516CKM-1208595580561871Technický list


EN 274

Customs code


Technical parameters

Odour trap
43 mm
Flow rate
48,6 l/min
Overflow flow rate
27 l/min
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure
588 Pa
Thermal resistance
95 ˚C


Bath waste and overflow system
Wet odour trap with swivel elbow
Closing waste by CLICK/CLACK
Overflow flexi pipe
Reduced installation height
The length of the bathtub trap 57 cm
Easy clean CLICK/CLACK

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
20 pcs
Quantity – Palett
320 pcs
Dimensions – piece
220×360×75 mm
Dimensions – packing
590×430×390 mm
0,7118 kg
Weight – packing
14,236 kg
Weight– Palett
247,776 kg

Scope of supply

Waste and trap body with overflow
Chrome-plated metal grid and overflow cover
Chrome-plated metal plug
Chrome-plated brass outlet
Odour trap of polypropylene, thermally and chemically resistant
Assembly kit
Profiled seal