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Waste system for installation in walls, cover stainless steel-matt


For indoor use
Suitable for areas with movement of large number of people – swimming pools, spa, wellness center
For installation into the wall
For wheelchair access
APZ5 Spa backlight
Lighting colourLighting code
WhiteAEZ 120
BlueAEZ 121
GreenAEZ 122
RedAEZ 123
RainbowAEZ 124
Product codeEANTechnical
APZ5-SHADE-6508595580500085Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ120-6508595580570071Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ121-6508595580570088Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ122-6508595580570095Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ123-6508595580570101Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ124-6508595580570118Technický list
APZ5-SHADE-7508595580500092Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ120-7508595580570224Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ121-7508595580570231Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ122-7508595580570248Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ123-7508595580570255Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ124-7508595580570262Technický list
APZ5-SHADE-8508595580500108Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ120-8508595580570279Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ121-8508595580570286Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ122-8508595580570293Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ123-8508595580570309Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ124-8508595580570316Technický list
APZ5-SHADE-9508595580500115Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ120-9508595580570323Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ121-9508595580570330Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ122-9508595580570347Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ123-9508595580570354Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ124-9508595580570361Technický list
APZ5-SHADE-10508595580500122Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ120-10508595580569921Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ121-10508595580569938Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ122-10508595580569945Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ123-10508595580569952Technický list
APZ5-SHADE+AEZ124-10508595580569969Technický list


EN 1253

Customs code


Technical parameters

Odour trap
50 mm
Flow rate
60 – 68,8 l/min
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure
982 Pa
Waste pipe diameter
50 mm
Total installation height
165 – 220 mm
Minimum thickness of concrete
100 mm
Installation depth
64 mm
Cover width
60 mm


Linear drain from stainless steel (hardened by pickling, passivation and electrochemical polishing)
Installation depth 64 mm
Water flows into the drain only between the edge of the floor tiles and the cover of the drain system
Trap firmly connected to the drain – 100% waterproofing
Self-adhesive tape for quality waterproofing
Mechanically cleanable trap up to the waste pipe
Easily removable cover – stainless steel matt
The collar and trap are protected by foil, and the channel itself by a polystyrene insert
The high flow rate is achieved due to the double compartment trap system
Possibility to order with LED backlight
The system is placed outside the area of ​​mechanical stress
Possibility to buy a combined odour trap
25 years guarantee
Material of drainage channel: stainless steel AISI 304, DIN 1.4301
Trap material: polypropylene

Logistic information

Quantity – packing
8 pcs
Quantity – Palett
24 pcs
Dimensions – piece
720×160×205 mm
Dimensions – packing
5,107 kg
Weight – packing
Weight– Palett

Scope of supply

The shower drain is assembled with the odour trap
Anchoring set: screw Ø6×50 – 2 pcs, dowel Ø10 – 2 pcs, screw Ø4.2×38 – 3 pcs, dowel Ø8 – 3 pcs
Self-adhesive waterproofing tape
The collar and the odour trap inlet are covered by the protective foil
Installation channel cover
Stainless steel design grid SHADE matt
Fixing hardware for anchoring the adjustable legs: screw M6×12 – 2 pcs

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